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Survival, Food preservation, storage, some other options

Survival, Food preservation, storage, some other options

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  1. Looks like ill be doing some candle shopping. Thanks

  2. Todd Weller says:

    Very useful info. Thanks for sharing!

  3. aussysurvival says:

    Hi, elbauzan The tea candles, very good for cans that size, and economical.
    Burns about a min or two till all oxygen is consumed. But, tea candle is
    not fully consumed, use it again to reseal. Good idea, use candle in some
    type of container, prevents spillage and spoilage of contents from melting
    wax. Tea candles fit this idea perfectly with small metal container,
    especially when using paraffin, fossil fuel byproduct. But bees wax is
    better if you can get it or, tallow candles. thankyou.

  4. aussysurvival says:

    Hi, MiWilderness, thankyou for the very important comment. It is an an area
    most people take for granted, refrigeration. Alternative food preservation
    and storage is a skill that has been lost over time. I still remember some
    of the alternate ways my Grandma did it, but it was the lifestyle then.

  5. aussysurvival says:

    Thankyou toddweller.

  6. aussysurvival says:

    Hi RSLtreecare, Thankyou for your very wise advice, a lot of this
    information is being lost with the passing of the older generations.
    salting and brining was the best way to preserve meat products in colonial
    days in Australia, and was still very much in use in remote areas in the
    1960’s in western remote areas, cattle staions and, the long cattle drives.
    A friend was on these drives, a gen older than me, often talks, teaches me,
    of survival in those times. thankyou.

  7. Stewart Holmes says:

    Good. It takes me back to my up brining. I lived on a farm, UK. No mains
    power, oil lamps and a mix wood, coal stove. I loved it. Old barn it was
    called, this is really where I started to look at learning survival skill.
    We had no refrigeration. I didn’t know it at the time, but now I feel its
    as, if not more important. There is a lot of changes on the way and most of
    these techniques were with the older people on the farm. Knows the time to
    learn them. I am lucky, I have not lost most of my.

  8. MiWilderness says:

    Alternative food preservation techniques are very important. I’ve always
    wondered what we’d do without refrigeration. Take care, Roosevelt